Multiple colors available... choose one or two color style. Free shipping in the continental U.S.! Hours of fun and comfort for you and/or your dog! Try not to fight over who gets to snuggle up in it first 😁 Every 5 Satos Dog Bean Bag is made with Marine Grade Vinyl (great for outdoor use on smooth surfaces), comes standard with two nylon strap handles and is double stitched for strength and durability, however, this product is not indestructible and as with most products for dogs, should be used with supervision only! Not recommended for heavy chewers (there are foam beans inside)! Warning: Dark colors get very hot in the sun.

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Large Teardrop

  • Dimensions: 38″W X 38″L X 30″H
  • Footprint: 38″W X 38″L

Medium Teardrop Long Neck

  • Dimensions: 33″W X 44″L X 30″H
  • Footprint: 33″W X 33″L

Medium Teardrop

  • Dimensions: 33″W X 36″L X 24″H
  • Footprint: 33″W X 33″L

Small Teardrop 

  • Dimensions: 24″W X 24″L X 20″H
  • Footprint: 24″W X 24″L

Care & Cleaning


  • Remove any excess dirt
  • Hose off your 5 Satos Dog Bean Bag with clean fresh water
  • Mix a mild soap and water solution and apply it directly to your bean bag using an soft bristle brush (do not use detergent)
  • Allow mild soap and water solution to soak on your bean bag for several minutes to breakdown heavy dirt and blood stains
  • If stains do not break down on their own gently scrub your bean bag with a soft bristle brush
  • Then, gently rinse your bean bag with clean fresh water (keep direct spray away from zipper)
  • Hang by strap and allow to air dry


  • Follow steps above for normal cleaning and wash down
  • Retreat heavily soiled areas with another treatment of mild soap and water (add a little more soap if necessary)
  • Gently scrub the heavily soiled areas with a soft bristle brush until dirt and blood is loose
  • Let soak for several minutes
  • Gently rinse your bean bag with clean fresh water (keep direct spray away from zipper)
  • Hang and allow to air dry
  • Repeat this process if necessary


We DO NOT recommend having your 5 Satos Dog Bean Bag professionally cleaned. Professional cleaners use machinery that produces extremely high temperatures, which may cause the marine vinyl to melt or stretch. Proper care and storage of your Dog Bean Bag will help ensure that your bean bag should never need this level of cleaning.

Shipping Time

Shipping & Production Times

Some sizes, styles, and color combinations are kept in stock and those items will typically ship next day. A lot of our products are made to order and typically ship within 4 – 8 business days. Production times may vary depending on the time of year and other circumstances.  During certain times of the year, such as holidays, higher than average order volumes can affect product and shipping times. 

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